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JudyLynn gives encouragement to help you in your spiritual growth as well as in your marriage, motherhood, and ministry. Join her as she helps ladies be the women who God created them to be and uncover the destiny they each were meant to fulfill.

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Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

We all desire to grow. 
Growth is essential if life is to continue. In fact, if you stop growing, you have begun to die. 
In this episode, I share THREE questions to help you determine what area of your life you should stop putting off and begin growing in IMMEDIATELY.
I  encourage you to STOP SETTLING for your life and start CREATING THE LIFE YOU WANT. 
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Tuesday Jan 17, 2023

Motherhood is Kingdom work! We've probably heard that at one time or another. Mothering is hard but it's also very rewarding. Join me as we talk about 3 ways on how we can live intentionally in our mothering, making an eternal difference in the lives of our children. 
CALL TO ACTION (CTA): What opportunities do you see with your children that you can seize this week? How can you best serve your children this week?

Tuesday Jan 10, 2023

I get it! We can get so caught up with our schedules, our jobs, and the other many roles that we have. But how intentional are we about our Marriage? What are we doing to make sure that our marriage thrives rather than survives? Join me as I share 3 ways on how you can be intentional in your marriage this year! 
Resources cited:
Weekly Check-in Questions
Praying for your spouse from head to toe

Tuesday Jan 03, 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We all have goals, especially for this new year! 
Welcome to a New Series on the Making Today Matter Podcast. 
This Series is titled, "Intentional Living Series".
In this episode, I share 6 ways on how we can all live with intention. 
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Monday Nov 21, 2022

Life is hard. Trials and troubles are inevitable. But God allows us to go through difficult times to show us His presence. Wisdom often comes out of trials, difficulties, and problems. Join me as I chat with Susanna and as she encourages us on how we can find joy even in the midst of trials and the unknowns that come our way. 
***This episode was recorded a few months ago and Susanna is doing well. But please pray for her oblation procedure -- Date is TBD. 

BONUS PANEL with 3 Twin Moms

Monday Sep 05, 2022

Monday Sep 05, 2022

We talk about the blessings, struggles, expectations and so much more of motherhood & marriage. So many great takeaways (and laughs) on this episode!

Thursday May 26, 2022

You may know that Ordinary Days matter but are wondering HOW you can make them matter. In this brief episode, I share 7 tips on how you can make your ordinary days matter. 

Tuesday May 03, 2022

Motherhood isn't easy and motherhood is messy. Join me in this conversation with Richelle as she shares how she deals with the "Motherhood Messes" whether they be literal, emotional, or mental. She shares some raw and real examples from her own motherhood as well as some resources that have helped her. And she encourages us on how we can have joy in our motherhood for God's glory. 

Your Ordinary Days Matter

Tuesday Apr 26, 2022

Tuesday Apr 26, 2022

Join me as I dive into this topic of using our Ordinary Days for an Extraordinary God. You will either hear from me or from other ladies who share encouragement for making our Ordinary Days matter.
You can have Ordinary Days for an Extraordinary God. Your ordinary days don’t have to be boring or worthless! If what you’re doing is for God’s glory, then my friend, what you’re doing is far from worthless! What you’re doing is mattering for eternity.

Tuesday Apr 05, 2022

We kick off the series, Ordinary Days for an Extraordinary God and Michelle gives us great reminders on how we can still find joy in the ordinary. Motherhood and Marriage can seem overwhelming at times and so often it's because we have a me-first mentality. JOY is often spelled Jesus, Others, You. It's not that we are not to think of ourselves but that we are to put Jesus as our number one priority, others next, and ourselves last. In the same manner, we are to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves so that we can care of others and their needs. 


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